Koktél Műhely

Istvan Kovacs

Professional experience: 6 years

Worked in several bars and at events, in Hungary and Poland as well. Competes in a lot of notable flair competitions all over the world and his accomplishments speak for themselves.


2016. Roadhouse World Flair Open (London)-Finalist
2016. Baarpult Finlandia Cup (Budapest)-1 place
2015. The Master World Bartending Championship (Thailand) – Finalist
2015. IBA Hungarian Flair Championship (Budapest)- 2 place
2014. Fabbri Flair Open (Budapest)-Finalist
2014. DMS. Flair Open (Debrecen)-1 place
2014. Kolor Flair Open (Budapest)- 3 place
2014. IBA Hungarian Flair Championship (Budapest)- 4 place
2013. Giants Flair Competition (Poland)- “Best Junior”

Favourite drink: “Captain Morgan Spiced” Cuba Libre