Koktél Műhely

Ferenc Varga

Professional Experience: 7 years

He has worked in numerous bars and at events in Hungary (Budapest, Debrecen). He’s done nearly 50 “Flair-shows” at different events, also taken part in more than 30 flair competitions and among these, he also did exceptionally well at larger competitions.

2012 DMS Flair Open(Debrecen)-7 place
2012 “Coffee and Cocktail Festival” (Velence)- 1 place
2013 DMS Flair Open (Debrecen)- 1 place
2013 IBA Hungarian Championship (Budapest)- 4 place
2013 “Sosto” Flair Open (Nyiregyhaza)-3 place
2014 DMS Flair Open (Debrecen)- 4 place
2014 “Sosto” Flair Open (Nyiregyhaza)-3 place
2015 DMS Flair Open (Debrecen)-2 place

Favourite Drink: Inspiration